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The BAUER FCC 6 is the most advanced GIT process control system available within the industry. The FCC 6 offers GIT molders the highest level of process control.

Loaded with standard features including: historical data collection, remote support & diagnosis via internet connection, OXYPURGE™, and programmable alarms for notification of out of control process conditions. As an option, pressure valves can also be relocated near the mold to reduce gas usage.


The reliability of this high precision proportional valve has been improved constantly for more than 20 years.

  • Highest level of pressure control
  • Inlet purge valve integrated
  • Precision ± 5 bar max
  • Range from 5 to 400 bar
  • Reactivity adjustment
  • Automatic calibration

Communication device between PLC and IMM

  • EUROMAP 62 plug (32 pins)
  • Start signal: IMM Start injection dry contact



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