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The BAUER Remote HMI function allows factory-trained technical personnel to remotely control the BAUER system via the BAUER CONNECT® app, with the same functionality as if one were standing in front of the actual unit.

BAUER Mobile Dashboards

BAUER CONNECT® app also displays a real-time graphical display of the entire system (SCADA view). The Mobile Dashboard feature provides information such as compressor system status, error log, critical pressures and temperatures, volume of air dispensed in storage information, etc.

BAUER Reports

The BAUER Reports feature is a function that generates custom reports tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

Customers can have access to historical data via a multitude of standard and customized reports.

BAUER Predictive Analytics

This feature of BAUER CONNECT® provides a new pro-active dimension to perpetually maintaining customers’ compressor systems at peak conditions with minimum downtime. BAUER’s predictive analytics algorithm uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the collected system information on the BAUER Cloud to predict upcoming maintenance requirements and preventative actions to avoid unplanned shutdowns.

BAUER Push Notifications

The BAUER CONNECT® mobile app will send push notifications if certain critical parameters of the BAUER system fall outside of normal operating range or if triggered by a system alert. This ensures that essential personnel is notified immediately, thus allowing for proactive intervention in a situation that could potentially be detrimental to the BAUER system as well as the customer’s operation.