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RFIDPro Structure

Features and benefits of the BAUER RFIDPro® SCBA Cylinder Management System:

  • Generates SCBA history reports including fill reports per NFPA 1989
  • SCBA cylinder management and reporting is easily accessible through the user interface portal on the BAUER RFIDPro® secure website
  • The easy-to-use BAUER RFIDPro® handheld reader can scan both RFID tags and bar codes
  • Allows for customized department cylinder inspections in addition to the mandated NFPA cylinder inspection checklist
  • Takes cylinder out of service if cylinder fails inspection, if the cylinder is overdue for hydrotesting or if the cylinder has reached its end-of-life
  • Corrective actions such as cylinder repairs and hydrotests are documented through BAUER RFIDPro® portal
  • Tracks data for each fill event including date, who performed the fill, compressor and, fill pressure
  • The BAUER RFIDPro® handheld reader can be operated offline when Wi-Fi connection is not available. Reader is available with LTE cellular option.
  • Handheld device allows for new cylinder registration 
  • Guest fill feature
  • System allows for uploading of important documents such as hydrotests and repair certificates
  • Instantaneous cloud synchronization of data
  • Works on all SCBA manufacturers’ RFID technology
  • Ease of operation through intuitive design