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To see the BAUER Hydrogen Compressor and Booster Brochure


DIMENSIONS L X W X H inches (mm) approx.

  • 133” L X 104” W  X 115” H (3378mm x 2642mm x 2921mm)

WEIGHT pounds (kg) approx.

  • 10000 lbs (4535 kgs)


Model Number of Stages Running Speed Motor Power Inlet Pressure Range Final Pressure1 Flow Capacity at Min/Max Inlet Pressure
    RPM hp kW PSIG BARG PSIG BARG SCFM m3/h kg/hr
H-Series 4
H23.1 4 1500 60 45 30-65 2.0-4.5 5300 365 41-75 69.6-127.6 6.3-11.5

Note: All capacities are referenced to sea level, 15°C (59° F ) gas inlet temperature and 20°C  (68°F) ambient temperature, dry gas. Flow measured at compressor inlet according to ISO 1217. 
Tolerance +/- 5%. Motor power is referenced to maximum inlet pressure and discharge pressure. Consult BAUER for performance at other conditions.