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The Right Filter System For The Right Application

Processing of the compressed medium is essential for trouble-free operation of a high pressure system, and the selection of the correct method of processing is essential to meet the gas quality requirements for the application. BAUER is an international leader in the design and manufacture of high pressure processing systems ranging from moisture separators to regenerative dryers and their accessories. And since BAUER is the manufacturer of the compressor and processing system, you have the assurance that these two important components are perfectly matched to meet specific requirements.


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P-Filter P-FilterA P-filter system, if required, can be installed downstream of the final separator and available B KOOL. P-filter systems can be tailored to remove specific or a variety of contaminants, and can...Read More >
SECCANT SECCANT SECCANT is the ideal, cost-effective regenerative dryer for heavy duty or continuous duty applications. These heatless, regenerative dryers require only a small portion – maximum 5% – of the...Read More >
SECURUS II SECURUS IISECURUS II insures 100% utilization of the air processing cartridges because the moisture sensor is embedded directly in the molecular sieve. The SECURUS cartridge, with its moisture sensor, is the...Read More >
B-Timer B-TimerB-Timer consists of a sensor which starts and stops the hourmeter automatically at the same time the compressor starts and stops. The display indicates the status of the cartridge with a four-part...Read More >