What pressure SCBAs are you currently using?

Would you be interested in going to high-pressure 4500 PSI SCBAs in the future?

If yes, what pressure would you need?

Note: If you are only filling 2216 PSI or 3000 PSI SCBA units, a 4500 PSI cascade system and 5000 PSI compressor is the size you need. For anything over 3000 PSI, 6000 PSI is recommended.

Will you be involved in mutual aid, or filling for anyone besides you own department?

If mobile, what power source will you use?

For filling SCBA cylinders, a Class 2 containment style fill station is recommended for safety. How many do you want to fill at a time?

Do you want cascade control built into the fill station, or do you want to do the cascading at the cylinders?

All systems come with a purification system matched to the size of the compressor's output. Do you want your system to be monitored electronically?