Our auto cascade system has replaced all operations panel-mounted valves and pressure gauges which help reduce human error when filling SCBA and SCUBA cylinders.

All system controls are within the panel-mounted HMI and include:

  1. Air storage controls
  2. Independent SCBA fill pressures
  3. Independent SCBA fill speed
  4. Automatic cascade control system rated for 7000 psi service
  5. A secure and quicker way to log into the unit with a BAUER key fob

Manual cascade bypass control comes standard to fill cylinders in case of a system power loss.

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DIMENSIONS L X W X H inches (mm)

  • 101" x 78" x 38" (2565 mm x 1981 mm x 965 mm)

WEIGHT pounds (kg)*

  • 4350-4550 lbs (1973-2064 kg)

*Weights are based on a unit equipped with 4 ASMEs

Compressor Compartment

  • Capable of accommodating a 13 to 26 scfm charge rate
  • Insulated cabinet design for “against the wall installation”


  • BAUER breathing air purification system with B-SECURUS
  • BAUER 15-inch HMI touch-screen interface
  • Solid-state auto cascade system
  • Compressor low oil pressure and high-temperature safety shutdowns
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Ergonomic system-operations panel
  • Ergonomically designed stainless steel fill adaptors with integral bleed valve
  • Automatic condensate drain system with non-corrosive condensate reservoir and integrated float sensor and automatic “Full” indication and compressor shutdown
  • Two (2) ASME code stamped air cylinders are installed in an integral rack designed to hold four cylinders
  • NFPA 1901 2016 edition compliant 3 position containment fill station accommodates SCBA or SCUBA cylinders up to 31” overall length
  • RFID Reader, which reads and records data from the RFID-equipped cylinders


  • BAUER Gas-TekCO monitoring system
  • Hose reel for 100’ of high-pressure breathing air hose
  • Reg/RF
  • Dual Fill/3 position
  • Tri Fill/3 position
  • Additional air storage cylinders


Model Charging Rate1 Number of Stages Motor FAD2 Purification System
  SCFM l/min   HP kW    
5000 PSIG (345 BAR)
UNICUS 4i-26-E3 26.4 748 4 20 15 22 P5 B-SECURUS
UNICUS 4i-20-E3 21 595 4 15 11 17.5 P5 B-SECURUS
6000 PSIG (414 BAR)
UNICUS 4i-13-E1/E3 13 368 4 10 7.5 10.8 P2 B-SECURUS
UNICUS 4i-18-E3 18 510 4 15 11 15 P5 B-SECURUS
UNICUS 4i-25-E3 25.2 714 5 20 15 21 P5 B-SECURUS

1) Based on recharging an 80 cubic foot tank from 500 to 3000 psig.
2) Compressor capacity referenced to standard inlet conditions. Tolerance +/- 5%