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  • BAUER’s heavy-duty reciprocating booster compressor at the heart of the system
  • PLC control of all major system components (Control systems equipped with VF drive are located remotely from skid as intended by Class 1, Div 2 requirements per NEC, NFPA 10)
  • Heavy-duty TEFC electric motor
  • Stainless steel construction of piping and major P&ID components
  • Gas after-cooler
  • Automatic condensate drain system
  • BAUER CONNECT® remote telemetry IoT 

A fully integrated system built on a heavy-duty steel skid designed for plug and play installation


  • Heavy-duty weatherproof enclosure
  • Sound attenuation
  • Passivation of piping
  • Ultrasonic testing of piping welds
  • Hydro testing of piping and relevant components
  • Special certifications and documentation
  • CE electrical code, CRN pressure vessel code

BAUER can help with the planning and installation of an NGV refueling station

Natural gas is supplied on-demand to millions of businesses throughout the U.S. It is one of the most efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and domestically abundant fuels available.

Natural gas is completely compatible with today’s engines as a viable alternative to vehicle fuel. Manufacturers are now producing a variety of factory-equipped, on-road and in-plant vehicles to run cleanly and efficiently on natural gas. In addition, some existing vehicles can be converted at the flip of a switch to operate on either natural gas or gasoline (bi-fuel), without compromising performance. Power delivery between the two fuels is virtually indistinguishable.

The actual costs of refueling with natural gas over other fuels can also be a pleasant surprise. The price of natural gas ranges between one-half and three-quarters the cost of its gasoline equivalent. This can result in substantial savings for high-mileage commuters with commercial vehicles. It should also be noted that natural gas prices have a history of being relatively stable; there are no fluctuations with daily supply and demand like there are with gasoline. Whether vehicles are equipped for natural gas only or bi-fuel operation, both time and money can be saved through the use of convenient, safe, and accessible natural gas.

Natural gas is nature’s cleanest burning fossil fuel. When used to power a vehicle engine, it emits fewer pollutants than conventional or other alternative fuels, and meets government clean air requirements. Compared to gasoline or diesel, natural gas burns more completely and cleanly, which results in significant reductions in pollution-causing exhaust components such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and reactive hydrocarbons. Soot, smoke particles, and irritating odors are virtually eliminated, making natural gas an ideal choice for fleets. Using clean-burning natural gas also reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) SOLUTIONS