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Earphones, Microphones, and Headsets

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AMP-4M – OTS AMP-4M – OTSAMP connectors are reasonable alternatives to our Hi- USE® connector. The connector with the gripper ring is the male AMP, and the connector without the gripper ring is the female. Read More >
BANANA PLUG – OTS BANANA PLUG – OTSBanana plugs are commonly used in the commercial diving arena. They can be easily stacked, allowing multiple divers to have communications. Read More >
COMMERCIAL DIVING EAR & MICROPHONES – OTS COMMERCIAL DIVING EAR & MICROPHONES – OTSUsing a patented, piezoelectric design, OTS has designed and built replacement earphones that will last significantly longer than competing products. Due to their unique properties, they must be...Read More >
HI-USE® CONNECTOR – OTS HI-USE® CONNECTOR – OTSThe OTS designed Hi-USE® connector is waterproof with beryllium-copper sockets and durable pins made of Navy brass. They can be disconnected/reconnected underwater at any depth. Read More >
HOT MIC® (ME-16R) – OTS HOT MIC® (ME-16R) – OTSThe patented ME-16R Hot Mic evolved from many years of research and development into a true studio-quality, noise canceling microphone that can withstand the harsh marine environment and depth...Read More >
RCL-7A CHARGING STATION – OTS RCL-7A CHARGING STATION – OTSThe RCL-7A Multi-Battery Charging Station is designed to charge up to 6 NiMH double battery packs along with a variety of units, including the STX-101 and MK2-DCI.Read More >
SUPER MIC® – OTSThe Super Mic® is an acoustically balanced, noise-canceling microphone with high-quality acoustic response and clarity. The microphone is capable of immersion to any depth without sustaining damage...Read More >
WATERPROOF HEADSET – OTSDesigned for the US Military, this headset is completely waterproof and submersible. It features either one or two patented ceramic earphones as well as our patented Super Mic® microphone. The...Read More >