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ICOM COMPACT TORCH - INTOVA ICOM COMPACT TORCH - INTOVACompact Torch features a 3-AAA battery design with a magnetic push style switch. The beam is focused for maximum distance and the switch provides settings for reduced beam and strobe features....Read More >
GOBE - LIGHT & MOTION GoBe - LIGHT & MOTIONNever before has the world seen a flashlight like the GoBe, a versatile and powerful system that provides the perfect light for any activity. Gobe’s robust factory sealed design is waterproof to...Read More >
SOLA - LIGHT & MOTION SOLA - LIGHT & MOTIONThe SOLA platform has redefined underwater lighting with its reliable factory sealed design, compact form and intuitive feature sets. Scuba divers across the globe trust and recognize the Sola...Read More >
GFFM RAIL LIGHT SYSTEM - OTS GFFM RAIL LIGHT SYSTEM - OTSThe GFFM Rail Light System gives your GFFM an extremely easy-to-use, versatile, and functional multi-tool, giving you the options needed for utilizing most of today’s ever changing technologies ...Read More >
C4 ELED - UNDERWATER KINETICS C4 ELED - UNDERWATER KINETICSThe C4 eLED® waterproof light is our lightest weight primary light. It is designed to fit smaller hands while still offering brightness comparable to lights twice its size. Its water-cooled heat...Read More >
C8 ELED - UNDERWATER KINETICS C8 ELED - UNDERWATER KINETICSUK’s C8 eLED® waterproof light is the world’s most popular primary light. Many divers would not consider going underwater without the power of its bright, long-lasting beam. Its shock absorbent...Read More >
LIGHT CANNON ELED - UNDERWATER KINETICS LIGHT CANNON ELED - UNDERWATER KINETICSIn the tradition of the original Light Cannon HID light, the Light Cannon eLED delivers an even brighter illumination and maintains this brightness throughout the battery life. The beam is wide...Read More >
SUPER Q ELED RECHARGEABLE - UNDERWATER KINETICS SUPER Q ELED RECHARGEABLE - UNDERWATER KINETICSThe Super Q® eLED® Rechargeable flashlight is the gold standard for small lights. When UK originally released it in 1974, it revolutionized hand-held lighting forever. Our newest generation has...Read More >