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Atlantis AtlantisRead More >
MAUI – AQUA LUNG Mask MAUI – AQUA LUNGIf you dive with a machine gun (or want to look like you do), the Maui is for you! A popular choice for military and professional divers, this rugged, utilitarian mask gets the job done with a...Read More >
MICROMASK – AQUA LUNG Mask MICROMASK – AQUA LUNGThe Micromask is a revolution in mask design. Its innovative, patented structure makes it possible for the lenses to fit in the ocular orbit. Never before have lenses been so close to the eyes....Read More >
Omni OmniThe Micromask delivers a wide-angle view in an ultra-compact package. Its innovative, patented structure positions the lenses inside the "ocular orbit" or the natural facial recesses of the eyes....Read More >
Pacifica PacificaRead More >
SPHERA – AQUA LUNG Mask SPHERA – AQUA LUNGBrought back by popular demand, the extremely low volume Sphera is very popular with free divers around the globe. Read More >
Teknika - AQUA LUNG Mask TEKNIKA – AQUA LUNG MaskBuilt to withstand the rigors of technical diving, the Teknika's two-piece shock resistant frame is assembled with AISI 304 stainless steel bolts and screws for superior strength. The twin-lens...Read More >
WRAPAROUND – AQUA LUNG Mask WRAPAROUND – AQUA LUNGProduced especially for military and search-and-rescue divers, the Wraparound’s stainless steel frame and strap buckles provide the ultimate in extreme durability. ...Read More >
Ventura Ventura+The Ventura+ mask, a timeless classic, has been aesthetically revisited and enriched with patented Cardanic Joint buckles. Its single lens design provides a wide field of view.Read More >
INTERSPIRO DIVATOR MKII AGA MASK- OTS INTERSPIRO DIVATOR MKII AGA MASK- OTSThe Interspiro line of diving full-face masks (FFMs) are high quality masks and have been field proven by Government, Military, Commercial & Public Safety Teams around the world. The FFMs are...Read More >