Public Safety

Public Safety

Tim Burgess - Eastern Region

Tim is an experienced diver and trainer within the professional diving industry. Below are some of the credentials that Tim has which will benefit you and your particular needs:

  • Fire department/public safety team, 25 years
  • Chief Officer, 10 years
  • Commissioner of local Fire District, 5 years
  • Senior Dive Team Member, 22 years
  • Dive instructor: SSI/TDI / EDRI /YMCA/PADI, 22 years

20+ years - Light Commercial Diver/Owner of LCDS 1992 for: Inspection, selvage, ship husbandry, and light construction. Video/photography at power stations, lock and dam locations, public fresh water supply million gal holding tanks, and water intakes. 

  • Provide enhanced training programs to Law Enforcement and the Fire Service
  • Lecture on a verity of topics in the public safety sector to teams throughout the region
  • Develop Public Safety Training curriculum for the P/S Diver along with ‘scene management program’ - adopted and approved by Y- Scuba

Tim lives in New York and can be reached for sales, consulting and training solutions throughout the New England area.

Contact Tim to find out how he and his team can help you with your Public Safety Diving needs.

Phone:  315-796-8585