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Plastics Technology Group


It’s the little things that matter most with injection molding. Small components, such as slides or ejectors, play big roles in the molding process and are crucial to the finished product. The same principle applies to gas assist, where the little things such as injectors help to precisely target the injection point of nitrogen to deliver the very best results. Given the ever-increasing need for efficiency and reliability, you need the assurance that the little things will work as consistently as the big things.

BAUER understands that reliability and optimal performance are critical for these applications. That’s why we’ve worked for many years to develop the very best high pressure gas assist injection molding solutions in the world. Our accessories are application-tested and designed for simple installation and maintenance. We’re so confident about our capabilities that we’ve even written a book on the process – feel free to contact us and take advantage of our industry-leading expertise!

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Gas Assist Injection Nozzle Gas Assist Injection NozzleThe compact, patented Universal Self Actuating Nozzle (USN) has an overall length of only 5 1/2 inches and can be used on any molding machine 20 tons and larger. The USN (BAUER Model #ORF-0017)...Read More >
Vent Control Valve Vent Control ValveThe compact, patented BAUER Vent Control Valve (VCV) has an overall length of only 4 1/2 inches and can be used with any gas assist control unit (standard with the BAUER NCU™). The VCV acts as a...Read More >