SNG® 15/28

Designed for Medium Nitrogen Flow Requirements

Stationary On-Demand Nitrogen Generation System for High Pressure Applications up to 5000 PSIG


  • Self-contained, fully-integrated turnkey nitrogen generation system with integrated high-pressure booster for discharge pressures up to 6,000 PSIG
  • Engineered to operate reliably in harsh industrial setting
  • Feed air compressor: single-stage air-cooled, oil-injected, continuous-duty rotary screw compressor
  • High pressure multi-stage reciprocating booster compressor, pressure-lubricated, continuous-duty rated
  • 3-stage membrane pre-filtration system
  • High durability membrane air separators
  • TEFC electric motors for each compressor with v-belt drive, guard, and belt tensioning device
  • Port for condensate drain to customer collection device or drain system
  • UL® labeled Control Panel with PLC controller. Includes touchscreen interface (for operation, maintenance and troubleshooting)
  • In-line oxygen analyzer to determine nitrogen purity
  • Pressure sensors for oil and final product pressure
  • 24-month warranty, lifetime support guarantee
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