Nitrogen Compressors

BAUER’s nitrogen compressors add value to your operations by fully utilizing your purchased nitrogen bottles and therefore maximizing your supply-gas investment.
Our nitrogen solutions are available in a wide variety of capacities and pressures.  This highly engineered product range will fully deplete your purchased nitrogen supply, allowing for more reliable and extended process operations. 
No more pressure equalization in your supply gas = no more wasted gas = full value for your investment.
Our nitrogen compressors are optimized for nearly any application, with:
  • Complete sound attenuation for indoor environments
  • Automatic start/stop operation
  • Robust filtration to ensure peak gas quality  
We invite you to navigate through our selection of solutions and then email the experts at BAUER to assist with selecting the right model and accessories to meet your specific requirements.
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G Series

BAUER’s G Series compressors add value to your operations by fully consuming purchased nitrogen and maximizing your supply gas investment. ...Read More >