BAUER’s SNG™ 4S is your solution to the high cost and high risk of ship-to-shore transport of high-pressure nitrogen cylinders.

The SNG-4S is a dedicated, point-of-use nitrogen generation system that can serve a vital role in supplying high pressure nitrogen to the heave compensation systems required to stabilize the gangways and man passages between support vessels and wind turbines.  

By eliminating logistical concerns, the SNG-4S saves you money in the long-term versus ship-to-shore transport of high pressure nitrogen cylinders. It also increases safety aboard the vessel by negating hazards associated with the recurring exchange of pressure vessels. Its well-designed layout takes-up minimal deck space and requires nominal ship utilities for use, and the aluminum frame and corrosion-resistant materials provide the utmost reliability in the harshest of offshore environments.

The SNG-4S can also be used to provide point-of-use nitrogen supply for servicing critical hydraulic accumulators within the wind turbine, making this multi-purpose system a must-have for maintaining offshore wind farms.

All of which begs the question: Why buy Nitrogen when you can make your own?

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