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Industrial Air Systems P-Filter Purification 


A P-filter system, if required, can be installed downstream of the final separator and available B KOOL. P-filter systems can be tailored to remove specific or a variety of contaminants, and can achieve an atmospheric dew point of -94º F. These systems work by the process of adsorption which is safe, effective, efficient and economical. P-FILTER systems use replaceable cartridge(s) that makes operation and maintenance clean, safe and simple.

P-filter systems have no moving parts, do not require power or lose any of the compressed medium for purging. The only required maintenance is to replace the cartridge(s) after their service life has expired. P-filter Systems are available for BAUER high pressure compressors and boosters up to 40 scfm with operating pressures from 1300 to 7000 psig.

All BAUER cartridges process the compressed medium to comply with the quality requirements for industrial air and gases according to DIN ISO 8573-1 Class 2 for oil content and Class 3 for moisture content. All separator and filter chambers are made of a high-strength, fatigue and corrosion-resistant material. All machining is done in-house to assure the closest tolerances and highest quality. The final product is stamped with material lot and production numbering for traceability. The entire process and the final product is supervised and approved by TÜV, an internationally recognized independent inspection agency.


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