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B-Timer consists of a sensor which starts and stops the hourmeter automatically at the same time the compressor starts and stops. The display indicates the status of the cartridge with a four-part segment confirming the moisture limit saturation level of the purification cartridge. The information accurately indicates the remaining time before the cartridge becomes fully saturated. If the remaining capacity is less than 20%, the last segment will flash and, instead of indicating the operating hours, the cartridge part/order number is indicated on the display. When all four segments flash, the cartridge is completely saturated. The key symbol indicates a maintenance is due. The letters A to C inform about the necessary maintenance kit. Extremely robust under the toughest conditions, B-Timer is dust and splash proof, insensitive to salt, solar radiation, high humidity and sand. Data Safe:  The battery reading warns when the battery should be replaced. The operating hours and maintenance intervals are saved in Random Access Memory (RAM) in the event B-Timer is stored longer without battery. Very simple to mount without piping or wiring. Only a screwdriver is required. Purification System Models: TRIPLEX and SUPER-TRIPLEX. Purchase price includes replacement purification cartridge.


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