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BAUER’s Industrial Air Systems provide solutions in a vast array of industries. With deep expertise in the 11 sectors below, BAUER’s engineers are able to provide the solution that is right for your industry.
Let us know your challenges and we will work closely with you to advise on the best solution for your application.


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Aerospace Industry Aerospace IndustryFor civil and military settings alike, BAUER is your partner for all applications involving air, nitrogen and gases.  ...Read More >
Automotive Industry & Component Suppliers Automotive Industry & Component SuppliersBAUER is able to meet the stringent requirements that are typical of this sector where the reliability, availability and modularity of the compressor systems used are concerned. ...Read More >
Chemical Industry Chemical IndustryStrict regulations governing safety and the protection of the environment are reflected in the exacting requirements that we are expected to meet.  ...Read More >
Energy Sector Energy SectorFor more than 70 years, BAUER has been meeting these high standards with product solutions all over the world. ...Read More >
Food Packaging Industry Food Packaging IndustryIn this field, BAUER has proved itself  as a long-term partner with a particular focus on quality. ...Read More >
Fabrication FabricationHigh levels of technology are typical of industrial fabrication today. ...Read More >
Gas Industry Gas IndustryThe gas industry provides the means via which air and gases are generated, bottled and transferred for use in industrial, private and medical applications. The gases typically come from air...Read More >
Mining Industry Mining IndustryCompressed air and gases are used both during the obtaining of raw materials and in exploration, extraction and treatment processes. ...Read More >
Defense Industry Defense IndustryMany of the things we take for granted in everyday life (navigation systems, diving equipment and track vehicles, for example) have their origins in military developments. ...Read More >
Research Institutions Research InstitutionsBAUER has been setting itself apart for decades as an outstanding partner offering exceptional quality in design and production at the very highest technical level. ...Read More >
Shipping Industry Shipping IndustryFor decades, BAUER has been making the grade by delivering well designed, quality products at the very highest technical level. ...Read More >