Helium Recovery Compressors

Helium Recovery Compressors

Typical Helium applications include recovery and compression systems for liquid cooling used in research institutions, particle accelerators, nuclear medicine, aerospace, and military missile applications. Helium recovery and compression are also used in general industrial applications, commercial merchant gas filling plants, heliostat applications, and Helium mining.

Compressing Helium requires special purpose-built compressors. Helium gas has a density which is 86% less than air. This means that the compressor has to be built to extremely tight tolerances to effectively compress Helium gas without excessive blow-by. Furthermore, Helium when compressed releases large amounts of heat which the compressor has to be able to absorb and shed. Therefore, for larger helium compressors, BAUER uses water cooling for the compressor for increased cooling efficiency. BAUER has been building compressors designed specifically for Helium for many decades and is the current gold standard for Helium compression in the industry.

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