BAUER LEGACY Breathing Air Products



In these times of financial uncertainty, look to the solution providers at BAUER to satisfy your needs. BAUER is the only manufacturer that continually reinvests in itself to offer you the latest in high pressure compressor technology. Why purchase a fancy new cabinet with old technology enclosed within, old is still old. When shopping for your next compressor, ask your intended supplier to provide a copy of their service interval charts.

The BAUER LEGACY program units are built on the popular and serviceable VERTECON platform and are not stripped down units. Rather they are built with BAUER’s most popular options and upgrades!  The BAUER LEGACY Fill Stations are built on the Fully NFPA 1901 Compliant CFSII Platform. 

BAUER LEGACY units will be built in quantity utilizing proven "work cell" manufacturing techniques for "off the shelf", in-stock delivery. This quantity build coupled with the uniform BAUER LEGACY platform enables us to capture economies of scale which in turn allows us to leverage internal resources and supply chain management. This translates into a price structure that offers substantial savings above and beyond our normal discount for our valued distributors.







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