BAUER CONNECT® IoT For Gas Property Data Logging

BAUER CONNECT® IoT For Gas Property Data Logging

The BAUER Gas Datalogger™ with BAUER CONNECT® IoT has been designed to capture critical gas measurements such as flow, pressure, temperature and selected gas composition values at various points in a pre and post compression gas stream. 

The BAUER CONNECT® app displays critical gas measurement values from the BAUER Gas Datalogger™ in real-time via any mobile device or computer with Internet access. Besides real-time data display functionality, BAUER CONNECT® stores the values which are collected by the BAUER Gas Datalogger™ in the BAUER Cloud™ for historical data reporting. BAUER CONNECT® can provide various customized reports which show progression of critical values over time via the BAUER Reports™ functionality. In addition, BAUER CONNECT® will send out push notifications, text or e-mail alerts to the customer if the critical values as defined by the customer exceed pre-determined parameters. When combined with BAUER CONNECT®’s powerful AI enabled BAUER Predictive Analytics™ option, the app can provide advanced notification of future events in order to optimize overall system performance and reliability.

BAUER CONNECT® IoT For auxiliary gas geasurement devices such as the BAUER Gas Datalogger™ can operate as stand-alone and independent of a compressor system. 

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