BAUER Our Company

Our Values

Our Values


  • We will win through the power of coming together as one high-performing team
  • We believe that people are our most valuable resource
  • We embrace responsibility and empowerment
  • We respect and encourage diversity
  • We promote learning and further development
  • We believe in fair and timely feedback of performance
  • We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and harassment-free work environment


  • We are committed to meeting our goals and objectives
  • We are proactive and relentlessly focused on improving operational performance
  • We conduct all of our business with integrity and fairness
  • We own up to our mistakes and make things right
  • We show pride in who we are and everything we do  
  • We are a good steward of the communities that we live and operate in
  • We will protect the environment and do the utmost to conserve precious resources