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Customer Service

Training Testimonials


The instructors were very knowledgeable and were eager to answer questions. I learned a lot during the breakdown and reassembly of the compressor. - DeLeon, N~Total Safety

The material was covered completely and in depth. I feel much better now on valve replacements, major repairs and electrical troubleshooting. - Call, K~Breathing Air Services, Inc.

What I liked about this class is that it was very informative and easy to understand. The overall understanding of the BAUER Compressor operations was the most valuable to me. - Mike, H.~Sunbelt Fire Inc.

The information presented was very in-depth. The most valuable portion to me was the procedures for troubleshooting. - Darryl, F. ~Sunbelt Fire Inc.

The course was very informative. I have an overall basic knowledge of compressor operation and repair. I found the most valuable portion of this class to be on how to troubleshoot the electrical using the terminal board. - Glenn, B. ~Sunbelt Fire Inc.

The hands-on section was an excellent training aid. The whole course was excellent. - Michael, P.~LANL

What I liked about this class is it started with the basics and tied everything together. The hands on valve replacement and information about when to replace purification cartridges was the most valuable to me. - Paul, R~212 Pararescue Team

What I liked about this class was the instructors knowledge and the line drawings at the start of the class that helped explain how the compressor works. - Laura, F~United States Coast Guard

Course was comprehensive, clear, detailed and well thought out. Assisting field units while in class was a confidence booster and very valuable for the class. - Josh, H~United States Coast Guard

Course was tailored to the individual systems and the purification system information was the most valuable to me. - Jad, G~US Navy, SERMC Dive Locker