CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Gas Compressors

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) - XXL Series Systems


The BAUER XXL™ series CNG systems have been designed to provide maximum flow at very low inlet pressures ranging from 5 PSIG up to 25 PSIG although the systems are also capable of taking higher inlet pressures.

Maximizing CNG flow at low inlet pressures is accomplished by adding another stage of compression in front of our standard C23.12 M-Series™, C26.12 X-Fill™, and C52.12 X-Fill™ CNG booster compressor systems.

The first compressor stage in the Bauer XXL™ series CNG compressor systems is a standard BAUER GRU™ rotary screw gas compressor system. Bauer GRU™ rotary screw compressor systems have been used extensively in Biogas applications around the world with a track record of extreme reliability. The BAUER GRU™ compressor boosts the available utility gas inlet pressure to maximize the performance of BAUER’s standard M-Series™ and X-Fill™ series reciprocating booster compressors.

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