Breathing Air


The BAUER Charge Rate Controller (CRC) has been designed to automatically fill SCBA and SCUBA cylinders to their maximum allowable pressure as well as allow the operator performing the fill to control the charge rate avoiding hot fills and maximize stored air in the cylinders.


  • Reduce complexity - No more fidgeting with dials; the BAUER CRC™ automatically charges SCBA and SCUBA cylinders to the right pressure with the push of a button.
  • Avoid “hot fills”, maximize stored air - Filling SCBA or SCUBA cylinders too fast will decrease the stored air in the cylinder when the cylinder cools down after charging. The BAUER CRC™ avoids this by controlling the rate of charge.
  • Allows for three different charge rate settings with the push of a button
  • Can be adapted to existing BAUER compressor systems
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