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PIT BOSS II is low maintenance compared to competitive brand push-button fill panels which must be serviced every 300 - 500 fills. PIT BOSS II does not require a lot of effort. PIT BOSS II is for use downstream of high-pressure storage. The high-pressure supply line to PIT BOSS II must include a pressure regulator. Regulators are available separately from BAUER. BAUER recommends remote mounting the pressure regulator to prevent tampering with the setting. PIT BOSS II is factory set to customer-specified fill pressure and is protected from overpressure by a factory-installed relief valve. A metal plate with the factory setting stamped therein is wire-tied and sealed to the relief valve. Competitive brand push-button fill panels do not include or offer a relief valve for overpressure protection.

PIT BOSS II is available only in a tabletop design and with 1 fill hose. The standard fill hose is 2-feet long. Longer lengths are available. The fill hose is shipped loose from the panel. The fill hose includes the industry's only 5000 psi rated quick-connect fill coupling with an integrated shutoff valve. The shutoff valve prevents hose whip if the fill panel is activated without the fill coupling being connected to a fill nipple. The 5000 psi working pressure is stamped right on the coupling. The fill hose is completely external to the fill panel for easy inspection and replacement when required. BAUER recommends inspecting the fill hose before each use. The fill hose and fill coupling are available as individual replacement items.

Four mounting holes are provided for securing the panel to a flat, level surface. Other than connecting the fill hose to the panel, only a connection to a regulated, high-pressure air or nitrogen source is required for operation. Both connections to the panel are male 37-degree flare JIC.

5000 PSI RATED FILL COUPLING Integrated shutoff valve to protect against hose whipping.


CAUTION! A pressure regulator must be used upstream of the PIT BOSS II.

  • Dimensions: 5.5” x 7.75” x 7.5”

  • Weight approximately: 6.25 lbs.

  • 2-year warranty