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Instrument Air suitable for land-based refineries and offshore environments located in hot and humid hydrocarbon-rich environments.


  • Consistent air quality: Instrument air quality is never compromised due to the degradation of the desiccant material as is common in regenerative dryers operating in hot, humid and high hydrocarbon environments
  • Ability to handle spikes in demand: High pressure buffer storage at 3500-5000 psig provides a natural buffer to even out peaks in demand
  • Better process efficiency and control as a result of consistent instrument air quality and volume
    • Diminishes exposure to regulatory penalties caused by “out-of-spec” product
    • Reduces Waste as a result of better process control
    • Longer instrument life = lower operating costs
    • Optional Breathing Air Module provides enough continuous breathing air (CGA G-7-2011 Grade E Standard) for 40 personnel
  • BAUER CONNECT® SCADA provides a visual process flow overview with real-time information as well as historical information on critical system performance criteria. The BAUER CONNECT® SCADA system allows for drill-down capability into every important aspect of the system through a series of menus. BAUER CONNECT® SCADA is typically used for remote monitoring purposes in control centers, but can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a computer or smart device connected to the Internet.


Particle Size

A maximum of 40 micrometer particle size in the instrument air system is acceptable for the majority of pneumatic devices.

Hydrocarbon Content

The lubricant content should be as close to zero as possible, and under no circumstances shall it exceed one (1) PPM w/w or v/v.


The pressure dew point as measured at the system outlet shall be at least 10° C (50° F) below the minimum temperature to which any part of the instrument air system is exposed. The pressure dew point shall not exceed 4° C (39° F) at line pressure.

Technical Data

BAUER INSTRUAIRE® Air Quality Specifications
Expected Dew Point Measurements 0° F +/-10° F (-17.8° C +/- 5.5° C) at 145 psig 110° F (43.3° C) ambient , 90% RH, sea level
Particle Size < 1 micron
Hydrocarbon Content < 1 PPM
Air Delivery 360 CFM
Storage Pressure 3500 - 5000 psig (241- 345 bar)
Distribution Pressure 145 psig (10 bar) max
Amount of Buffer Storage 2 ASME 5500 psig (34.15 ft³) storage vessel