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  • Air-cooled high-pressure CAPITANO compressor
  • Yanmar air-cooled diesel engine with 2.7-quart fuel tank
  • BAUER P1 breathing air purification system to process 15,000 CF of air per cartridge at standard inlet conditions (2 replacements)
  • Pressure maintaining valve
  • Check valve
  • Vent valve
  • Air outlet ¼”, with tee installed
  • Lightweight, tubular metal frame
  • Retractable carrying handles (4)
  • Heavy duty casters (4)
  • Hourmeter
  • Visual CO/moisture monitor indicator
  • Two 6 ft. fill hoses, each hose complete with shut-off valve, pressure gauge, vent valve, and CGA-347 adapter or C-D/DV/NAVY/SF (SCUBA)
  • Austenitic stainless steel tubing, tube fittings, fill hose fittings, high-pressure instrument pipe fittings, and anodized aluminum fill adapters
  • Inlet filter with 10 ft. flexible hose


DIMENSIONS L X W X H inches (mm)

  • 45.375” x 18.625” x 28.875” (1153mm x 473mm x 733mm)

WEIGHT pounds (kg)

  • 262 lb (119 kg)


  • P1 purification cartridge 
  • Certified air test with documentation
  • Intake filter
  • Fill hose assembly
  • Gasket, fill hose assembly, calibrated
  • Fill adapter
  • Please see pages 41 - 42 for additional accessories/parts


Model Charging Rate1 Number of Stages Motor FAD2 RPM Purification System
  scfm l/min   HP kW      
5000 PSIG (345 BAR) 
C-D/DV/NAVY 6 170 3 6 4.5 5 1250 P1

1) Based on recharging an 80 cubic foot tank from 500 to 3000 psig.  2) Compressor capacity referenced to standard inlet conditions.  Dimensions and weight are approximate and are subject to change.

A. BAUER COMPRESSOR warranty includes parts and labor 12 Months from the date of compressor start-up or 18 Months from the date of shipment.

B. Spare parts consisting of normal wear and tear items, e.g., replacement cartridges, valve overhaul kits, gasket kits, belts, oil, inlet filter element, etc., are normal stock items at BAUER NORFOLK, BAUER SAN FRANCISCO, BAUER NORTHEAST.