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Confidence should be the touchstone when buying a breathing air compressor system. Pure breathing air is essential. The last thing you want to be concerned about is the quality of the air you are breathing. Our leading design technology, coupled with stringent quality control, produces unsurpassed portable and stationary breathing air compressor systems that have been tested for safety and reliability. You can be confident each breath of air is the purest.

When you think breathing air... THINK BAUER

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Air Purification Securus

BAUER Air Purification Systems purify high pressure air to a quality that meets or exceeds the requirements of CGA Pamphlet G-7, Compressed Air for Human Respiration, ANSI /CGA G-7.1, Commodity Specification for Air, Grade E, and all other recognized standards for breathing air.


JUNIOR II and OCEANUS, complete with air purification system and fill hose are safe, reliable three stage compressors designed for serious sport divers.Available in single phase 115/230 VAC and three phase 230/460 VAC electric motor, gasoline or diesel engine drive.OCEANUS ModelsSturdy, long... Read More


DIVE MATE takes portable breathing air compressors to a new level! Complete with air purification, DIVE MATE is a safe, reliable three or four stage breathing air compressor designed to give you lightweight portability. Available in you choice of electric motor, gasoline engine or diesel engine... Read More


MINI VERTICUS and MAXI VERTICUS combine compressor, air purification, SECURUS electronic moisture monitoring system and motor in a space saving, sound attenuated vertical cabinet designed to diminish operating sound levels. The MINI VERTICUS sound level is approximately 70 dBA and the MAXI VERTICUS... Read More


Introducing the VERTECON® series of high pressure breathing air compressors from the world leader in safe, high pressure breathing air systems.Why buy dressed up old compressor and cabinetry technology? Buy BAUER and get the latest technological advancements. The VERTECON® design is economical,... Read More

Auto Cascade

The world leader in high pressure breathing air is proud to introduce a new method of automatically cascading your air storage system The system utilizes our patent pending manifold block with integral valve bodies, couple this with a commercially available PLC controller and you have the simplest... Read More

Air Storage

BAUER High Pressure Air Storage Systems meet the code requirements of either ISO/UN or ASME. Storage systems are available with 5000 psi and 6000 psi ISO/UN cylinders or 5250/7000 psi dual rated ASME cylinders. Optional mounting racks are available.ASME vessels with working pressures of 5000 PSI,... Read More

Containment Fill System 5.5 (CFS 5.5®)

The BAUER 5.5 Series of Containment SCBA/SCUBA Fill Stations were independently tested to the same rigorous standards and stringent test parameters dictated by NFPA 1901 that our CFSII Series was;however in the testing of the Containment Fill System 5.5 (CFS 5.5®) Series BAUER utilized 110 cu ft... Read More