Public Safety

Service and Repair

FFM | Full Face Masks

We offer full service on most FFM, OTS Guardian, Interspiro AGA, Neptune, EXO-26 etc.

Regulators | 1st / 2nd / Octo

We completely disassemble the regulator and clean all parts as prescribed by the manufacturer. The regulator is reassembled, replacing the warranty parts. The regulator is put on a flow bench and set to:

  • Manufacture’s specifications for intermediate pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Cracking pressure
  • Exhalation

Tanks | Hydrostatic testing / Visual Eddy / Visual / O2 cleaning / Valve Overhaul

Each tank is different, all tanks need to hydrostatic tested every 5 years, Visual inspected very year. Some tanks require to be Visual Eddy every 5 years on its hydrostatic test date. Valve overhaul* is recommended every other year, this is a complete overhaul of the valve.

*Typically this includes but may not be limited to valve seat, nylon washer, dynamic O-rings, burst disc and crush washer.

Computers | Battery change / Pressure tested / HP spool replacement

We follow the manufacturer guidelines, battery and O-ring is replaced every year. (Even when the computers are not being used they are still running 24/7)

The computer is pressure tested to see if depth and pressure are reading correctly. The HP spool “O-rings” are replaced.

Dry Suits | Replacement Seals / Leak Test / Hole patching / Intake-Exhaust Valve

We offer wrist, neck, hood, sock replacement on most dry suits in house. Zipper replacement is also provided. Tears, rips, punctures are repaired and suit leak tested to Public Safety Standards. We offer service on the valves “intake, exhaust” to assure both are in working order.

Wet Suits | Zipper slide replacement / Repairs of holes, rips and tears

Zipper slides are the number one repair item that most suits need when they come in for repair. If the zipper is missing teeth, repair may or may not be possible - depending on the location of the missing teeth.

Hose Replacement | High Pressure / Low Pressure / Inflator Hoses / QD Connects

We offer many solutions in solving this problem “new hoses, length, color and type” Please call for details.

BCD | Inflator overhaul of dumps and holes 

We disassemble and service the inflator valve, dump valve, over relief valve, check the straps and buckles and do a leak test.