Public Safety

Public Safety

Hands-Free Visor Light System

MSA The Safety Company

INTEGRATED SOLUTION FOR A BRIGHTER MISSION The Trellchem® Hands-Free Visor Light System is a short throw illumination system for hands-free operation, designed to offer improved visibility and a safer working environment for the hazmat responder. With this new, integrated, lightweight solution, the responder can focus on the mission, without having the hands tied up by carrying a separate flashlight.
The Trellchem® Hands-Free Visor Light System will light up the darkness or shadow area created by the responder when leaning over the trouble area (leakage), blocking any floodlight. The system will also make it easier to locate responders in a smoky environment.
The system fits in Trellchem® encapsulating (Level A) suits, and can easily be installed in existing Trellchem® type CV or VP1 suits.

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