Public Safety


Trellchem® chemical protective suits draw from over 100 years of profound knowledge and competence within the polymer materials field. All suits are developed and manufactured in-house, thus providing personal protective equipment with the highest quality available.

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Trellchem® EVO

Top of the line hazmat suit providing maximum protection against the most aggressive chemicals in all forms, including warfare agents. Approved to the world's toughest standards, EN 943-2 and NFPA...Read More >

Trellchem® VPS Flash

Cost-efficient high performance suit providing excellent chemical protection. Certified to both EN 943-2/ET and NFPA 1991 including the optional chemical flash fire and liquefied gas protection...Read More >

Trellchem® ACT

A new tactical suit designed for optimal comfort and maneuverability while at the same time offering protection against warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. Intended for Law Enforcement...Read More >

ActivArmr Cooling Vest

The ActivArmr™ Cooling Vest is a comfort garment which prevents elevated body temperatures in people who work in hot environments or with extreme physical exertion. It provides a cooling effect...Read More >

Hands-Free Visor Light System

INTEGRATED SOLUTION FOR A BRIGHTER MISSION The Trellchem® Hands-Free Visor Light System is a short throw illumination system for hands-free operation, designed to offer improved visibility and a...Read More >