Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas


Provides you with desiccant-free, high-quality, instrument-air for process-control in tropical hot & humid environments. This system diminishes your exposure to regulatory penalties which can be caused by "out-of-spec" products and is suitable for:

  • Land-based Refineries
  • Offshore Rig environments

At the heart of the system is BAUER’s state-of-the-art five-stage compressor necessary to effectively separate moisture from the ambient air. After each stage of compression the moisture is then separated from the air, seven times, through special separators, ultimately providing you with instrument air. The compressor system is water-cooled for optimum reliability and has the ability to run on a continuous-duty cycle.
In addition, BAUER now offers the InstruAire +PLUS, which is an optional upgrade that allows you to distribute CGA Grade-E quality breathing air throughout the entire plant – all from your existing instrument air system.

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