Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas



In the United States and around the World billions of cubic foot of natural gas are flared or vented into the atmosphere every day. Flared and vented gas has the potential of significant additional revenue for the operator of the oil production wells if it were to be captured and compressed into a sales pipeline. In addition, both flaring and venting of methane gas have negative effects on the environment, contributing to an increase in greenhouse gases which have been linked to global warming and disruption weather cycles. Authorities are becoming increasingly vigilant on reducing greenhouse emissions through regulation and fines.  Besides environmental compliance, many larger operators are worried about their corporate image due to increasing pressure from citizens and environmental groups.  

In summary, the benefits of capturing well gas and flash gas into a sales pipeline vs. flaring and venting are:

  • Additional revenue stream for the company
  • Environmental compliance
  • Defending corporate reputation
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