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Oil and Gas

Bauer Tanksafe ™

Bauer Connect ™ Remote Telemetry App

Because of the critical nature of maintaining proper O2 levels in the tank’s headspace through the Nitrogen blanketing process, each Bauer Smart Nitrogen Blanketing System™ comes standard with Bauer Connect™ remote telemetry. 

Bauer Connect™ is an App-based IOT solution which allows the customer to monitor the performance of as well as control the entire Bauer Smart Nitrogen Tank Blanketing™ system remotely through any wireless mobile device or computer anywhere, anytime.

The Bauer Connect™ App will provide “push notifications” if certain critical parameters such as O2 levels in the tank’s headspace, for example, fall outside normal operating range. This alerts essential personnel of a potential situation which could be detrimental to the tank battery and allows for pro-active intervention.

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