Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas



Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas which is used in a variety of applications such as power transformer inerting, pipeline pig receiver inerting (to reduce fire and explosion hazards), as well as for charging high pressure accumulators for pneumatic applications, and any other application which requires a high-purity inert gas. Unfortunately, for remote locations the availability of on-demand nitrogen is limited or non-existent. Often, the solution is to shuttle high pressure nitrogen bottles to and from the remote location. This presents a logistical challenge for the operator and is a personnel safety hazard. The Bauer MNU is a mobile truck-based system which allows the operator to bring high pressure, high-purity stored nitrogen to any remote location which requires it thus eliminating the logistics hassles, high costs and safety risks associated with moving high-pressure nitrogen bottles back and forth between the nitrogen source and point of use. 

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