Nitrogen Storage Systems

For standard storage assemblies, BAUER utilizes a universal welded steel rack (RCK-0037) of our design that safely and securely accommodates two storage cylinders whether of the ASME or the UN variety. For storage system requirements of greater capacity, multiple rack assemblies can be bolted and tubed together. These storage rack assemblies are available in either vertical or horizontal configurations. All storage rack assemblies up to 2 modules deep and 2 modules wide can be shipped completely interpiped, bolted together, and placed horizontally on a single shipping pallet. For larger orders, a tubing and hardware kit for connecting the modules will be shipped loose for on-site assembly.

In addition to the standard storage rack assemblies as described above, we are capable of providing engineered solutions to accommodate customer specified storage and racking requirements.


  • Storage assemblies can be configured in bulk or bank systems depending on the gas distribution system required
  • BAUER can provide custom regulation/distribution panels for remote installation
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