Wind Energy

Whether derived from a point-of-use generation system or as stored energy in gas-charged hydraulic accumulators, nitrogen serves a number of functions within the wind turbine. 

  • When wind speeds are high, the pitch of the blades must be adjusted to maintain generator RPM.
  • When the generator RPM exceeds maximum allowable limits, a braking system is engaged to slow it.
  • When the nacelle must change orientation to match wind direction, the yaw motors must be actuated. Conversely, in turbulent conditions hydraulic braking systems must be actuated to prevent stress and strain on the yaw motor drives.
  • With most fire suppression systems, a non-reactive pressurized gas is used both to spread the suppressing agent as far as possible and to reduce the oxygen concentration enough to prevent further burning.

Upkeep and maintenance of nitrogen systems within the wind turbine is a vital function for MRO operations in all wind farms.

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