Nitrogen Generation Module (NGM)

More Operators are turning to nitrogen as the actuating gas for their hydro-pneumatic systems. Here’s why…

Air that is not properly treated after it’s been compressed can carry moisture into the accumulators. Wet air can foul hydraulic fluids, degrading system responsiveness and performance. The presence of moisture within the accumulator gas increases the probability for internal corrosion of critical components and endangers the integrity of the accumulator itself.

Most gas-charged accumulators are actuated by dry, compressed air, which can present a number of challenges for operators. Systems age with use and time; leaks are common, and if proper maintenance is not performed the air could contain an excessive amount of hydrocarbons.

And if hydraulic safety is your concern…
Be aware that a hydraulic system which is leaking air can be dangerous. The danger comes if that air is laden with hydrocarbons and leaking into areas that also contain hazardous gases. This can dangerously alter the fuel/air mixture and create flammable or explosive atmospheres. 

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