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High pressure gas is used in a multitude of industrial applications. The design of a safe, efficient distribution system for a high pressure gas is critical to the successful use of that gas for a particular application. BAUER has over 70 years experience in the design and manufacture of distribution systems for high pressure. We have a reputation for providing safe, reliable, user-friendly distribution systems ranging from simple panels to complex systems controlled by a PLC and with touch-screen operator interface. Standard and custom designed systems are available.

BAUER uses only quality components that are specifically designed for high pressure. All components are applied within their design parameters and include a safety factor of up to 4 to 1.

For permanent installations, BAUER recommends the use of seamless stainless steel tubing. All tube runs are supported to prevent the transmission of vibration through the
tubing and to the rest of the system. High pressure hose is used for non-permanent installations or where flexibility is required.

All panel mounted pressure regulators are supplied with pressure gauges for inlet and outlet pressures and a safety valve for overpressure protection of downstream components.
Each high pressure distribution system is carefully designed to include pressure indicating devices and safety, isolation, vent and drain valves as required. All panel mounted devices are clearly identified with labeling. More complex systems include a schematic diagram as part of the labeling for operator reference.


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