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Reliable breathing air compressor systems have been our focus for six decades. Whether you require a stand-alone compressor, a fully integrated SCBA recharging system, or a complete SCBA trailer system, our priority is to provide breathing air of the highest quality which protects you so you can protect others.

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Air Purification Securus

BAUER Air Purification Systems purify high pressure air to a quality that meets or exceeds the requirements of CGA Pamphlet G-7, Compressed Air for Human Respiration, ANSI/CGA G-7.1, Commodity...Read More >

Air Storage

BAUER High Pressure Air Storage Systems meet the code requirements of either the Department of Transportation or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Storage systems are available with 5000 psi and 6000 psi ISO/UN cylinders or 5250/7000 psi dual rated ASME cylinders.

Auto Cascade

The world leader in high pressure breathing air is proud to introduce a new method of automatically cascading your air storage system ...Read More >

Containment Fill Station 5.5 (CFS 5.5®)

The BAUER 5.5 Series of Containment SCBA/SCUBA Fill Stations were independently tested to the same rigorous standards and stringent test parameters dictated by NFPA 1901 that our CFSII Series was;...Read More >


MINI VERTICUS™ and MAXI VERTICUS™ combine compressor, air purification, SECURUS electronic moisture monitoring system and motor in a space saving, sound attenuated vertical cabinet designed to...Read More >


MINI UNICUS® is our budget minded integrated breathing air cylinder recharging system. The system design combines a BAUER high pressure compressor, BAUER breathing air purification system, air...Read More >


BAUER has been the world’s leading manufacturer of high pressure compressors and integrated compression systems for o shore applications for over 70 years. We’ve worked for many years to evolve our...Read More >

Open Designs

Open packages in horizontal or vertical configurations combine compressor and air purification systems in a space saving design. These compressors set the standard for larger capacity air...Read More >

T-COM Lite® Trailer

If your needs do not require the amenities of the full-sized TCOM® look to the T-COM® LITE. Designed and manufactured by BAUER for the budget minded customer, the T-COM® LITE utilizes a multi-stage...Read More >

T-COM® 13H/25H Trailer

When your needs require a rugged trailer built for the fire service, rather than a cheap lightweight imitation, look to BAUER. ...Read More >


UNICUS III® cylinder recharging station is THE TOTAL SYSTEM for refilling high or low pressure SCBA or SCUBA cylinders. The integrated system design combines a BAUER high pressure compressor, BAUER...Read More >


This game-changing fill-station employs our state-of-the-art control system with a 12-inch HMI touch-screen interface, which allows the operator to manage the entire system from the single-point...Read More >


Introducing the VERTECON® series of high pressure breathing air compressors from the world leader in safe, high pressure breathing air systems. ...Read More >