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7000 PSIG Breathing Air Systems - Air Storage

Air Storage

The Air Storage systems selected for use at 7000 psig meets construction and code requirements of ASME.  We offer two (2) safety factory ratings allowing you to select the system best suited for your needs.

Operations at 7000 psig require increased attention to detail, more so than lesser operating pressures.  BAUER utilizes ASME cylinders manufactured for the rated pressure.  Each cylinder BAUER provides is affixed with its own ASME code rated safety relief valve, moisture drain valve and service valve.  At BAUER we feel operator safety is paramount, more so than by reducing the scope of supply by only providing one system affixed safety valve or moisture drain valve. BAUER offers two (2) ASME safety factor ratings to support your specific needs with each system integrated within one of our unique racks allowing you to customize the storage system to meet your site requirements. 

When you require an ASME air storage system designed to fit your needs look to the experts at BAUER.

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