BAUER CONNECT® IoT For Firefighting

BAUER CONNECT® IoT For Firefighting

In today's age of technology, the saying "time is money" is often heard. Within the firefighting industry, time could mean someone's life. With your job, time is a resource that is often not addressed. What can be done to save your time, give you peace of mind and allow you more time to do what matters most? Introducting BAUER CONNECT® IoT Solutions for Firefighting - our all-in-one, mobile telemetry solution for optimal ease-of-use ane efficiency. For the first time, you can view your SCBA fill data logs, get notifications about your compressor and see and or control your BAUER compressor all under one app. The best part about BAUER CONNECT® is the ability to be tailored to fit your station's needs.

BAUER CONNECT® - Connection that matters.

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BAUER SCBA Data Collection Flow Chart


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