BAUER CONNECT® IoT For Compressor Data

BAUER CONNECT® IoT For Compressor Data

BAUER CONNECTBAUER CONNECT® is an App-based IoT solution that allows BAUER customers to remotely monitor the performance as well as control the entire BAUER system through any wireless mobile device or computer anywhere, anytime. The key features of this IoT solution, allow customers to increase efficiency and productivity, save time, do more with fewer resources, have lower operational costs and have total flexibility with a solution tailored specifically for them.

BAUER CONNECT® IoT Connection that matters.

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Remote HMI™ BAUER Remote HMI™The BAUER Remote HMI™ function allows factory-trained technical personnel to remotely control the BAUER system via the BAUER CONNECT® App with the same functionality as if one were standing in...Read More >
BAUER Mobile Dashboards BAUER MOBILE DASHBOARDS™BAUER CONNECT® App will also display a real-time graphical display of the entire system (SCADA view). The Mobile Dashboard feature provides information such as compressor system status, error...Read More >
BAUER Reports™ BAUER Reports™The BAUER Reports™ feature is a function that generates custom reports tailored to the specific needs of the customer. ...Read More >
BAUER Predictive Analytics™ BAUER Predictive Analytics™This feature of BAUER CONNECT® provides a new pro-active dimension to perpetually maintaining customers’ compressor systems at peak conditions with minimum downtime. BAUER’s predictive analytics...Read More >
BAUE Push Notifications™ BAUER Push Notifications™The BAUER CONNECT® Mobile App will send push notifications if certain critical parameters of the BAUER system fall outside of normal operating range or if triggered by a system alert. This assures...Read More >