Nitrogen Generator (SNG II)

The Series II Stationary Nitrogen Generation systems are turnkey solutions designed to generate compressed, high purity nitrogen gas for a diverse range of markets such as plastics processing, industrial, and military applications. These self-contained, fully integrated systems do not require shop air and eliminate the hazards involved with the handling of high pressure cylinders as well as the burden of merchantsupplied bulk gas. Why buy Nitrogen when you can make your own?


  • Feed air compressor, single-stage, air cooled, oil-injected, continuous-duty screw compressor
  • High pressure booster, multi-stage, air cooled, pressure lubricated, continuous-duty rated
  • High durability membrane air separators
  • Electric motors (ODP) two each with v-belt drive, belt guard and belt tensioning device
  • Automatic condensate drain with collector (includes switch for high condensate level)
  • UL® labeled Control Center with PLC controller. Master central system includes interactive touchscreen interface for operation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Single-point power supply connection, fused control voltage transformer
  • On-line percent oxygen monitor
  • Pressure sensors for oil and final product pressure
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Visible alarm annunciation
  • Locally mounted pressure gauges
  • Sound attenuated enclosures for compressors and membrane module
  • Ambient temperature range 40°F
  • 12 month warranty


  • Portable percent oxygen monitor
  • CE-complaint electrical assembly
  • TEFC motors
  • Second language for controls / documentation

DIMENSIONS L x W x H inches (mm)

  • < 30 hp, 85 x 59 x 74 (2156 x 1482 x 1867)
  • > 30 hp, 96 x 64 x 84 (2426 x 1626 x 2116)

WEIGHT pounds (kg)

  • < 30 hp, 2800 (1045)
  • > 30 hp, 3800 (1418)

SOUND LEVEL (from control panel)

  • < 30 hp, 70 dBA ± 2dBA
  • > 30 hp, 79 dBA ± 2dBA