Paintball/Less-Lethal Law Enforcement Compressors

Paintball/Less-Lethal Law Enforcement Compressors

BAUER’s line of paintball compressors are ideal for filling the tanks used on paintball markers, less lethal launchers, target shooting pistols and precision air rifles.
BAUER provides complete system solutions for paintball stores, fields and tournaments of all sizes.
Rely on BAUER's industry experts to assist with sizing and selecting the best package for your particular need.

BAUER Advantages:

  • Pressure lubrication resulting in cooler operating temperatures, less frequent maintenance intervals and longer life
  • Nationwide/worldwide servicing partners for after sale support
  • Highest quality creates lowest cost of ownership
  • 2 year warranty
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Field and Shop Series Compressors

Horizontal designs where compressor, prime mover and air processing system are available in choice of open or enclosed design known as the Classic II.  Field Series compressors are loaded with...Read More >

Player Series Compressors

Compressor, prime mover and air processing system are provided in a convenient, man-portable package. Player Series compressors are air-cooled and splash lubricated. JRII/PB available with choice...Read More >

Team Series Compressors

Compressor, prime mover and air processing system are provided in a convenient portable package. Team Series compressors are air-cooled and pressure lubricated. Oceanus includes a stainless steel...Read More >

Tournament Series Compressors

Tournament Series compressors include our higher capacity compressors up to 117 SCFM. Available with choice of prime mover including electric motor only, diesel engine only or combination electric...Read More >

Storage Systems

A properly sized storage system is essential for optimum compressor performance and fill efficiency. BAUER manufactures standard and custom designed storage systems engineered to match your...Read More >


BAUER Paintball accessories to provide the absolute safest method of transferring high pressure air into paintball cylinders.Read More >


ABATS (Air Bank and Transfer System) is designed to store high pressure compressed air and provide a safe filling process of the high pressure air tanks commonly used on less-lethal weapons and...Read More >