BAUER’s Natural Gas (CNG) Compression Systems are chosen by fleets all over the world because of their proven reliability and performance as well as their wide capacity and performance range. We offer the most complete line of standard, pre-engineered CNG compression systems in the industry, ranging from systems suitable for large public stations down to small fleets. BAUER also offers an array of integrated storage solutions, integrated high-pressure dryers and integrated priority-fill systems. 

  • 7.5 hp up to 350 hp (9 scfm / 4.5 gge/hr up to 720 scfm / 360 gge/hr)
  • All units are designed in compliance with NFPA 52 and NFPA 70 Article 500 Class 1, Division 2, Group D.
  • All units have the option of being built with our industry leading “Q-Technology” package, which operates at an astonishingly quiet 65 decibels. 65 Decibles

See how our BAUER CNG family can work for you.

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Micro Series

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Compact Series

CNG System for Small to Medium Fleet Applications Read More >

Classic Series

CNG System for Medium to Large Fleet Applications Read More >

M-Series Duplex

CNG system for Medium to Large fleet applications with optional integrated storage. ...Read More >

M-Series Q

Introducing the NEW whisper-quiet  system for Medium to Large fleet applications. ...Read More >


CNG System for Large Fleet Applications Read More >

C26 X-Fill® Series

CNG System for Large Duty Applications Read More >