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BAUER offers on-site & off-site training to anyone who owns, operates or services our products. Our on-site classes are held at our BAUER Training Facility and are taught by the same people that manufacture, test and service our products. From electrical systems to hands-on break downs, we cover all areas of compressor operation.

  • 1-844-500-5822
  • See Training Schedule below


On Site/ Off Site Training On Site/Off Site Training Factory Trained Techs Factory Trained Techs


Training Topics

  • Mechanical Theory
  • Control System Theory
  • Troubleshooting
  • Purification Systems
  • Gas Drying Systems


2017 Training Schedule

Introduction to Breathing Air and Industrial Compressor Course 

  • May 9-11
  • June 6-8

Distributor Training

  • April 17-20

CNG Training

  • TBD

Contact BAUER for more classes in Norfolk or for unit-specific classes held at your facility.


Training School Coordinator

Please contact the Training School Coordinator for further information.*

Keith Bell

1328 Azalea Garden Road
Norfolk, VA 23502
Phone: (757) 855-6006 ext. 2344
Fax: (757) 852-2401

*All students must be approved by BAUER prior to attending the class.

*Class seats cannot be reserved without payment.