Bauer Compressed Natural Gas

Natural gas and inert gas compression.

Our business is compressing, processing, storing and dispensing air and gases to high pressure. No other manufacturer or packager of NGV compressors offers as much diversity and experience as BAUER. We offer the most complete line of field-proven industrial natural gas compressors for refueling small to large NGV fleets. We offer a variety of products for NGV refueling ranging from stand-alone compressors and ancillary equipment to skid-mounted packages. We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs for refueling NGVs.

Ancillary Equipment

  • High Pressure Dryers and Purifiers
  • Storage Systems
  • Vapor Recovery Systems
  • Dome Loaded Regulator Panels
  • Emergency Shutoff Valve Panels
  • Pneumatic Priority/Sequential Panels
  • Electronic Priority/Sequential Panels
  • Fill Posts
  • Metered Dispensers
  • High Pressure Piping Components